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Architecture is the story of how we see ourselves. It is the architecture job to services everyday life.

Retail Designs

All formats such as Apparels, Books and Music, Jewelry, Super Markets, Luggage, Eyewear, Cosmetics, Footwear, Vehicle Display Showroom, Teaching Schools, Gymnasiums, etc…

Commercial Designs

Office areas ranging from 2000 sq.ft. till 1,00,000 sq.ft. Design and Build Solution Media Room, Auditoriums, Innovation labs, Recording/ Editing Studios, Collaborative spaces.

Health & Wellness Designs

Spas and Salons, Wellness Clinics, Coffee Shops and Bistros, Quick Service and Fine Dining restaurants, Banquet halls, and Food courts.

Specialized space Designs

Hall / Theater, Pavilions, Gallery & Exhibition Spaces, Kindergartens, Primary & High Schools
, Higher Education & Research Facilities, Libraries, Media Room, Auditoriums, Innovation labs, Recording/ Editing Studios, Collaborative spaces

Residential Designs

Residential areas ranging from 500 sq.ft. till 3000 sq.ft. Design and Interior Solution. We Provide our expertise in Custom Home Design, Renovations, New Additions, Preservation & Restoration, Conceptual Designs, Energy Efficient Retrofits, etc…

Food & Beverage Designs

Coffee shop, Bistros, Quick service restaurants, Nightclubs, Food courts, Fine dining.

Master Planning & Landscape Designs

Housing Development, Mixed land use development, Public spaces, Resort master planning, Landscaping, Campus Design, Lighting Design, Wayfinding strategy.

Building Designs

Apartments and condo design, Villa, Bungalow, Row House, Façade design, Commercial Office spaces, Factory building spaces, Lighting design.

Memorial Designs

Presence, Stature, Remembering the founder, Remembering an occasion

Think - Ahead - Think Blueprint

Having design experience of 20 years in handling franchisee stores for numerous brands, we understand the working of the entire system, the challenges faced by the new franchisee, and the concerns and standards set by the brand owners.

We at Abhikrama are here to help the brand grow, whether it’s a startup or an established brand. With our unique experience and skillset of understanding the entire franchisee-franchisor dynamics we can help you grow and start your franchisee operations in lesser time, with more transparency, and efficiency.

We first start by conducting strategic brand workshops with our clients to understand their brand, expansion perspective, culture, and unique selling propositions. If there is a design in place for an existing place, we undertake a Brand audit from the interiors and completion perspective.

We redesign or read the design as per the expansions plans to include scalability, ease, modularity, and efficiency of execution. Once that is done with all the detail drawings, tender pack, and back end execution channel set up, add meaning in the larger context of your expansion through the smallest of details. With ABHIKRAMA's Retail Expansion Blueprint services you will get custom blueprints of design that will help you drive your label expansion with ease, giving you high visibility and increase sales conversions, giving you an edge over your competition.

Our Retail Expansion Blueprint services one of its unique kinds is specially tailor-made to suit all the business needs and of any business needs which needs its interiors to be scalable with ease and transparency. Our ultimate goal is that organizations, companies, start-ups, can expand effectively and with ease thereby saving time and effort and preserving the brand image.
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